The Patient’s Role in Improving the Quality of Information in EHRs

The Patient’s Role in Improving the Quality of Information in EHRs will occur on May 3, 2012 at  
the National Health site.

Among the invited participants, Project Director Prashila Dullabh will be in attendance. 

With the growing adoption and use of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), the patients’ role in improving the quality of information in their electronic record is going to become increasingly important. 

In this program, NORC at the University of Chicago will discuss its environmental scan on the role of patient engagement to improve data quality of EHRs. The presentation will include an overview of the issues of data quality of medical records (paper and electronic) and the significant need to evaluate the role patients can potentially play for data quality improvement. 

Other topics that will be covered include the state of the field on approaches, such as patient portals that large provider systems currently use to collect feedback from patients and examples of customer feedback tools from other industries. The presentation will conclude with next steps providers can take to understand and evaluate feedback mechanisms drawing from conclusions of the study.

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