Teen Dating Violence Intervention & Prevention

Bruce Taylor, Principal Research Scientist (Substance Abuse, Mental Health, and Criminal Justice Studies with NORC at the University of Chicago) will be speaking as part of the "Teen Dating Violence Intervention & Prevention: A Look at Dating Matters & Shifting Boundaries Webinar" on February 29, 2012.
Also speaking will be Andra Tharp, Ph.D., Health Scientist (Division of Violence Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and Nan D. Stein, Ed.D. (Wellesley College, Center for Research on Women, Wellesley Centers for Women).
In 2009, one in ten high school students experienced dating violence (CDC YRBS 2009).  Dating violence has important negative effects on the mental and physical health of youth, as well as on school performance.  Violence in an adolescent relationship sets the stage for problems in future relationships, including intimate partner violence and sexual violence perpetration or victimization throughout life.

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