42nd Annual Conference of the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research (MAPOR)

​Taking Charge of Change: Shaping the Future of Public Opinion, Communication, and Survey Research

2017 marks the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research's 42nd Annual Conference. Taking place on November 17-18 in Chicago, IL, MAPOR 2017 brings together experts in public opinion research, survey methodology, and survey design from the midwest to discuss best practices, present findings, and discuss current and future developments in the field.

NORC is pleased to announce that Ipek Bilgen, a Senior Research Methodologist in our Statistics and Methodology department, has recently been elected 2018 Vice-president/President-elect of MAPOR. Bilgen is currently serving as Conference Chair for this year's conference.

Several NORC staff members will be attending and presenting at sessions throughout the weekend. Staff presenting at the conference include:

  • Rene Bautista
  • Jennifer Benz
  • Ipek Bilgen
  • Marjorie Connelly
  • Kennon Copeland
  • Ned English
  • Angela Fontes
  • Erin Fordyce
  • David Gleicher
  • Erlina Hendarwan
  • Liz Kantor
  • Dan Malato
  • Carolina Milesi
  • Tom Smith
  • Michael Stern
  • David Sterrett
  • Trevor Tompson
  • Ilana Ventura

See the conference program for a detailed breakdown of presentations.