Ann Kearns Davoren

Ann Kearns Davoren, PhD is a senior research scientist with the Higher Education Analytics Center at NORC at the University of Chicago. In her role, she engages in technical and analytic activities and conducts substantive research in social science for governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, universities, and private foundations.

Davoren has led study design and instrument development and administration for NORC’s professional climate association work, including the American Economic Association and the Canadian Economics Association. To more broadly understand the cultural climate within a field, it is important to determine the social dynamics within physical and virtual spaces and within other spaces, including the research ecosystem as a whole.

Along with her climate work, she also has a large portfolio of research focusing on the well-being of college students, with a special focus on collegiate student-athletes, as well as elite athletes who are no longer in college. She currently is serving as co-principal investigator of a study to assess the prevalence and motivation for doping among US Olympic athletes. Recent published work examines nonsuicidal self-injury, suicidal ideation, and suicide attempt among college student-athletes and mental health as well as substance use of sexual minority students and student-athletes.

Prior to joining NORC, Davoren was with the research staff at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) for 15 years serving as the associate director ofresearch and then later as a research consultant. Her work spanned the three competitive divisions and focused on academic and behavioral outcomes of the student-athletes.