New York’s Statewide Health Information Network Satisfaction Survey

New York’s source of data on customer usage and satisfaction with the statewide health information network.

Understanding experiences with a health information exchange
The Statewide Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY) facilitates the sharing of millions of patient records, results, and alerts annually among health and public health professionals in diverse roles and settings: for example, physicians, nurses, administrators, and IT staff; hospitals, physician practices, specialty groups, local health departments, and community-based organizations. SHIN-NY is a partnership between the New York State Department of Health, the New York eHealth Collaborative (NYeC), and six regional health information organizations also known as Qualified Entities (QEs). NORC’s assessment is part of NYeC’s strategic roadmap initiative, designed to ensure the network meets users’ health information needs in the short and long term. Understanding customer usage and satisfaction is critical for NYeC as the organization strives to maintain and improve SHIN-NY services’ ability to support care coordination, delivery, and other customer goals.

A mixed-methods analysis of customer usage and satisfaction
NORC develops and deploys a rigorous, mixed methods data gathering strategy to provide a comprehensive analysis of SHIN-NY customer satisfaction and user experience. On an annual basis, NORC’s activities consist of survey and sampling design; survey data collection from SHIN-NY participants; qualitative interviews; and data analysis and delivery of a final report to NYeC. NORC’s expertise in survey methodology allows for a tailored approach to account for the regional nature of the network, the numerous types of customers and organizations that use SHIN-NY services, and the level of knowledge of those customers, while still facilitating statewide analyses and comparisons. Qualitative work supplements quantitative findings by probing emerging or innovative opportunities for SHIN-NY services, supporting NYeC’s annual strategy and priority development.

Insights that can enhance services
The data and final report from NORC’s survey efforts are used annually by NYeC to calculate metrics for statewide and QE-level performance, helping NYeC understand and address variation in service delivery across the state. NYeC additionally uses both quantitative survey data and qualitative findings to determine priorities for future efforts to enhance SHIN-NY services.

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