PCOR Resource Center for Data Infrastructure

Since 2015, NORC with its partner, AcademyHealth, has supported ASPE in maximizing the impact of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund (PCORTF) by serving as a dedicated Resource Center to ASPE, its awardees, and the PCOR community at large. The PCORTF was created by The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), and was recently reauthorized, to advance a patient-centered health care system characterized by evidence-based care and integrated decision-making between providers, patients, and caregivers.

The Resource Center provides three core services: 1) technical assistance; 2) communication, dissemination, and implementation support; and 3) operations support. As part of our technical assistance function, the NORC team has conducted environmental scans of the literature, convened technical expert panels (TEPs), conducted in-depth interviews with experts, and published manuscripts on topics of interest to the comparative effectiveness research (CER) and PCOR community. The Resource Center supports collaboration among PCORTF awardees through workshops and webinars designed to improve the visibility of PCORTF projects. Through dissemination of annual portfolio reports, website content, and special project spotlights, the Resource Center highlights project achievements and the public-facing resources they have developed.

The Resource Center is currently developing a series of vignettes to raise awareness about the portfolio’s investment in priority areas such as opioids research, improved methods to collect and analyze real world data, and methods to engage patients by allowing them to easily donate their health data to research studies.

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