National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth

​As a participant in the NLSY97, you are a crucial part of one of the most interesting and informative surveys in the U.S. The NLSY97 is a vital source of information for policy makers and researchers who want to know more about the experiences and concerns of people in your generation. The survey includes people who were born in the years 1980 to 1984 and living in the U.S. when the survey began in 1997.

From the Director of the National Longitudinal Surveys (NLSY)

Your Participation Makes a Difference!

Welcome to Round 15 of the NLSY97. We are delighted to celebrate 15 years of the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 with you! Your participation in the survey remains critical in order to obtain the most complete picture of your generation. Your contribution is vital to the quality and accuracy of information found in the NLSY97.

There is no other survey quite like the NLSY97. The wide range of topics covered over a long period of time makes the NLSY97 a treasure of information. One of the wonderful things about the survey is that it becomes even more useful each year we interview you. As of the beginning of May 2011, researchers have used information from the NLSY97 to publish 21 book chapters and 177 articles in scholarly journals. More than 30 of those articles have been published in 2010 or 2011, which shows the rapidly growing interest among researchers in issues that affect your generation.

We need your help again this year to continue the success of the NLSY97.

Perhaps you participate to make sure policymakers understand the issues that concern you and your family. Perhaps you want to make sure researchers have the best information available on changes in your career, family, health, education, and other important aspects of your life. Perhaps you enjoy the cash incentive. Whatever your reason for participating, we hope you will join us again this year. If it has been a while since you last participated, we invite you back and would love to have you actively involved again in the NLSY97.

We’re always seeking ways to make your interview experience more enjoyable. We know that finding the time to speak with an interviewer can be tough—which is why we are willing to conduct the interview at a time and place of your choosing. If you have any concerns or suggestions about how we can improve your experience, please tell us by contacting the NORC field manager in your area, sending an e-mail to, or filling out the comments box on the "Update Contact Info" page.

Thank you for your continued participation and interest in the NLSY97.

Yours truly,

Chuck Pierret
Director of the National Longitudinal Surveys

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