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Participating in NORC Research

​If you have been contacted by an NORC researcher and asked to respond to a survey we hope that you’ll participate. We are an independent research organization affiliated with the University of Chicago studying important issues like employment, education, and health care. When you participate in our research, you are making your experiences, opinions, and concerns known to decision makers, government leaders, and policy makers.

You may already be familiar with NORC research. Some of our best-known studies include:

Your Privacy as a Study Participant

To learn more about NORC's privacy policy, visit our Research Participant Privacy Policy page.

How to Identify NORC Field Interviewers

NORC Field Interviewers are provided with an identification badge. The front of the identification badge contains a photograph of their face, along with their name, title, ID number, and signature. The back of the identification badge includes a distinctive hologram in the upper left corner along with a phone number to call to establish whether the person is a legitimate NORC Field Interviewer. You can also call NORC at 1-866-287-1393 if you are ever unsure.

How to Identify NORC Telephone Interviewers

NORC telephone interviewers will identify themselves with their first and last name, as well as the name of the project or sponsor, the purpose of their call, and ask to speak with a specific member of your household. When leaving a voicemail or message on an answering machine, the NORC telephone interviewers will leave specific information, including the study name and a toll-free telephone number for that particular study. 

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Questions or comments on an NORC study?

​If you have questions or comments about an NORC study, please contact us at

How did your number get chosen?

​Because most of our surveys need to be representative of a broad segment of the public to be valid, NORC does not call from telemarketing lists or phone books.  Instead, a computer scientifically selects telephone numbers for surveys from banks of telephone numbers for each geographic area. This method ensures that all state and local areas are represented in the study results.