Working with NORC

Become a Partner

NORC partners with large and small businesses with appropriate expertise in many areas, such as analysis, data collection, information technology, management of biological samples, statistics, technical assistance, and varied support services. NORC invites organizations that are familiar with federal and commercial contracting to reach out to NORC. More

Become a Client

​NORC employs an interdisciplinary, team-based approach and offers many ways for clients to collaborate with its experts on projects of varying degrees of complexity, scope, and budget. Federal and certain other agencies can take advantage of NORC’s federal supply schedule under the Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) program operated by the General Services Administration, as well as other federal master order agreements. More

Participating in NORC Research

​If you have been contacted by an NORC researcher and asked to respond to a survey we hope that you’ll participate. We are an independent research organization affiliated with the University of Chicago studying important issues like employment, education, and health care. When you participate in our research, you are making your experiences, opinions, and concerns known to decision makers, government leaders, and policy makers. More

Survey Information for Participants

​Some projects create special pages for survey participants.  Some surveys include information for participants on the project page. You can also learn more about surveys in the field by visiting  Participating in NORC Research or you can access specific participant pages by following this link. More

NORC’s Financial Conflict of Interest Policy

NORC has implemented a Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Policy that governs disclosure and management of financial conflicts of interest in research funded by the Public Health Service (PHS) and by the National Science Foundation (NSF). More

NORC’s Policy on Combatting Trafficking in Persons

NORC, as a Federal Contractor, complies with Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 22.17 – Combatting Trafficking in Persons.  NORC prohibits all forms of human trafficking, whether on or off NORC’s premises, at any time by employees, contractors, subcontractors, vendors or others engaged in business with or on behalf of NORC. More