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Finding balance between human energy needs and scarce resources is one of the most complex challenges for a broad array of government entities and other organizations.  Interdisciplinary expertise, advanced capabilities, and a strong understanding of the intersection of energy, security and environment enable NORC to bring fresh perspective and provide valuable, objective analysis to sustainability programs and policies.

Special areas of expertise include:

Representative Projects

Development and Evaluation of the Hurricane Recovery Program Community Resilience Pilot. The ability of a community to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a natural disaster is a critical piece of resilience. Within these frameworks, increasing priority is being placed on community-based approaches to resilience, where the strength of networks and their sustainability plays a major role in the community’s overall resilience. More

Making Connections. The Making Connections survey, launched in ten poor urban communities, examines mobility, social capital, neighborhoods, resident participation, economic hardship, the availability and utilization of services, and child and adolescent well-being. More


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