Kentucky HEALTH Survey

​Kentucky HEALTH is a new health and well-being program for certain adults and their families. On behalf of the Commonwealth of Kentucky Medicaid program, NORC and the University of Pennsylvania are studying these changes and their impact on your health and well-being.

This five year longitudinal research project collects information about the health of Kentucky Medicaid members, the types of medical care they receive, the cost and affordability of the care and medicine they need, their employment statuses, and their engagement with their communities. Participants were selected at random to participate.

NORC will be conducting a series of in-person, web, and telephone health surveys, collecting health bio-measure data, and leading qualitative interviews with Medicaid members, providers, and Medicaid staff. Collected information will be used to analyze the Medicaid program and to improve Kentucky's Medicaid services.

Why participate?

Each participant’s answers will provide information that could help improve Kentucky's Medicaid program now and in the years ahead. While participation is voluntary, we need each participant’s help and hope those selected will participate. Each person was randomly chosen and their participation is important for the study results to be accurate and useful.

How long will this take?

Completing the health survey should take no more than 30 minutes and can be completed online, by telephone, or in person. Participants may also be asked to provide bio-measure data and/or participate in an interview with trained field interviewers, though participation in each step of this project is voluntary.

Participant privacy

Each participant may decide whether they would like to decline to participate in any portion of the study and may opt not to answer one or more questions. All answers and collected data remain confidential and results will be reported for large groups and will not contain names or other information that identifies participants. If you have been asked to take part and have any questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant, please contact the NORC Institutional Review Board Manager by calling the toll-free number at 1-800-309-0542.

To learn more about this study, please call us toll free at 1 (888) 213-3608 or email us at


To learn more about this study, please call us toll free at 1 (888) 213-3608 or email us at