Identifying the At Risk and Hard to Reach Populations for Occupant Protection Interventions

NORC is a subcontractor to Dunlap & Associates on this study sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the US Department of Transportation (DOT). We will examine data bases such as the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, National Hospital Discharge Survey, Emergency Department Data, Health Interview Survey and others to identify, analyze, and categorize the geographic, demographic (e.g. income, education, language), social-cultural and psychological characteristics of at-risk populations (i.e., those groups with seat belt use below the national average or unrestrained fatalities above the national average). This also includes a focus on characteristics of non-users and part-time user groups. We will review and identify any recommendations for moving forward with any current public health strategy which could be adopted with these populations. We expect to find a number of possible solutions that will be applicable to one or more of the identified subpopulations of interest. We will work with Dunlap and NHTSA to develop recommendations on how best to proceed to address this important problem.