Doctoral Benchmarking Alliance

The Doctoral Benchmarking Alliance (DBA) allows member institutions to benchmark critical doctoral student data against similar institutions and programs while preserving the data confidentiality for each individual institution. In its inaugural year in 2017, Founding Member institutions represented a broad array of doctoral programs making the DBA project meaningful for critical institution and program level comparisons.

The basic model of the alliance is a hub with many spokes. NORC at the University of Chicago, an independent non-profit research organization that is not a part of the university, serves as the hub, and the participating institutions serve as the spokes. Each year, alliance members securely send their data to NORC, and NORC returns to each alliance member a report that benchmarks their data against a selected group of institutions and programs serving similar students. At no time will any institution’s data be shared with any other institution, and NORC’s standard procedures include state-of-the art data security protections.

NORC is developing additional alliances to address benchmarking needs among other groups of institutions; if you would like to discuss the feasibility of forming an alliance, or joining an existing alliance, please contact Claudia Zapata-Gietl for more information.

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