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2010 National Sample Frame

U.S. households are the primary unit for sample selection for many studies, but sample frames for households can be difficult and expensive to create. In order to provide a sample frame for use by many surveys, NORC has constructed the 2010 National Sample Frame, based on the 2010 Census information. This sample is representative of over 99% of U.S. households and provides a listing of almost 3 million households, including over 80,000 rural households. More

2011 National Survey of Prosecutors

The U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) has periodically sponsored the National Survey of Prosecutors (NSP) to collect data on the resources, policies, and practices of local chief prosecutors in state court systems. From 1990 to 1996, the NSP collected data from a nationally representative sample of chief prosecutors that tried felony cases in State courts of general jurisdictions. Since 2001, BJS has alternated between a census data collection (2001, 2007) and a nationally representative sample data collection (2005, 2011). For 2011, a sample of 475 prosecutors will be asked to participate.  More

2016 NORC Survey on Perception of Homeowner’s and Renter’s Insurance in the State of Louisiana

​NORC at the University of Chicago, with funding from State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, conducted a nationally representative household survey of registered voters in Louisiana. More

Assessment of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) Integrated Behavioral Health Services

This project fits within a larger project that provides technical assistance to community health centers and community behavioral health care providers in integrating primary health and behavioral health.   NACHC will be conducting an Assessment of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) Integrated Behavioral Health Services, following up with those FQHCs reporting that behavioral health care services have been integrated into their routine primary care practice.​ More

Biodemography of Exceptional Longevity in the United States

This project proposes to investigate why some people manage to survive to extreme old age (100+ years) and what are the biological and social correlates of exceptional longevity. These are important issues not only for demographic forecasts of human mortality and population aging, and the policy implications on health-care and pension expenditures, but also for improving our understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of human aging and longevity. The project proposes to explore the effects of early-life living conditions, adult physical characteristics, marriage, and reproductive history on exceptional longevity, and will test a number of related biomedical and social hypotheses.  The project is designed as an interdisciplinary study of exceptional human longevity. To contribute to the research infrastructure for subsequent longevity studies world-wide, a database with integrated, matched information on longevity predictor variables will be developed, and made available to the research community on the Internet. More

Census PVS Assessment

As part of the Person Identification Validation System Assessment engagement with the Census Bureau, NORC has conducted a review of the Census Bureau’s record linkage methods associated with the PVS, as well as an environmental scan of record linkage methods used by other government agencies—both within and outside of the U.S.—and private enterprises.  More

Comparing Employer and Non-Group Health Plans Against the Health Reform Benefit Standard

The Commonwealth Fund is sponsoring this project, which builds upon previous research conducted by NORC.  This study examines trends in the affordability, actuarial value, and expected out-of-pocket expenses of health insurance in the small group, large group, and individual health insurance markets using 2010 data. More

Decision-Making Factors Influencing the Wearing of Body Armor: A National Study

With support from the National Institute of Justice, NORC is compiling independent, evidence-based knowledge on the decision-making factors influencing the wearing of body armor for correctional officers (COs). More

Developing and Implementing Quality of Care Measures for Accountable Care Organizations

This project, for which NORC is a subcontractor to QRS Inc., seeks to assist the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in developing, testing, and implementing accountable care organization (ACO) quality measures. More

Effects of Insurance Market Reforms

This project for the Assistant Secretary for Policy and Evaluation (ASPE) in the Department of Health and Human Services aims to document the effect on premiums of the 2010 insurance market reforms required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). More

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