What Should Be Done About the High Cost of Prescription Drugs?
Process Evaluation and Special Studies Related to the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program
Community Infused Problem-Oriented Policing (CPOP)
In Focus 2018 Study
Options for Value-Based Payment in South Dakota Medicaid
AP VoteCast
Services to Support the Council for Higher Education Accreditation
Evaluation of Data Science “Bootcamp” Experiences for Graduate Students in Biology
Evaluation of Career Planning Services on Graduate Students in the Humanities
Doctoral Benchmarking Alliance
College Board ACES
Vision and Eye Health Surveillance System (VEHSS)
Graduate Degree Holder Career Pathways Workshop
Test Predictability of Falls Screening Tools
Advising on the Scoring and Scale-up of the Early Education Essentials
Development and Validation of an Oral Language, Literacy and Math Kindergarten Readiness Screener
Early Childhood (EC) Training and Technical Assistance (T/TA) Cross-System Evaluation
Prospective Evaluation of the Oakland Promise Kindergarten to College (K2C) Program
Retrospective Evaluations and Prospective Evaluation Planning of Oakland Promise “Cradle to Career” Programs
Impact Evaluation of the Oakland Promise Brilliant Baby Program
Increasing Access to Transportation in Rural Communities: The Rural Transportation Toolkit
Kentucky HEALTH Survey
NORC and Rainin Foundation Early Childhood Collaboration: Investments to Inform, Support and Evaluate Effective Early Childhood Programing in Oakland
Adoption and Impacts of Innovations in Primary Care Transformation - Lessons from Initiatives Tested by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation
Attitude and Awareness Survey on Highway Safety Issues