Colorado All Payer Claims Database

​NORC and its partner HSRI are in the process of making significant improvements to the Colorado APCD with funding provided by the Center for Improving Value in Health Care (CIVHC). In addition to being responsible for managing and analyzing millions of health care claims records, i.e., over 510 million health insurance claims from 21 commercial health insurance companies, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Health First Colorado (state Medicaid program), the NORC-HSRI team has streamlined the data intake, tracking, and processing stages, enabling CIVHC to more rapidly produce public data insights and custom data requests aimed at improving health and health care.

The NORC-HSRI team is also making substantial improvements to the data validation process by providing a mechanism that provides immediate feedback to health plan payers upon submission thereby increasing accuracy and timeliness.  What’s more, we provide data analytic support, e.g., helping CIVHC build new data displays for the publicly facing website, as well as standard reports available to a wide array of custom data requestors.