Campus Sexual Assault Policy and Prevention Initiative

Private and state institutions of higher education, as partners to OWH grantees under the three-year Campus Sexual Assault Policy and Prevention (CSAPP) Initiative, are accessing expert technical assistance in the formation of Technical Advisory Groups and Sexual Assault Response Teams to align campus policies and programs with the recommendations from the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault.

The nine CSAPP grantees, including universities and nonprofit organizations, each have created a network of 8 to 10 institutions of higher education to support campus-specific and coordinated policy and prevention efforts. Partner campuses reflect a range of cultural differences, such as residential to commuter student bodies, historically Black campuses, large state systems, and remote locations. With OWH guidance, the grantees are each also partnering with at least 2 national organizations committed to preventing sexual assault, thus accessing the data and expert technical assistance provided by these partners. NORC's cross-site evaluation of the CSAPP grantees' programs documents the nature of and interactions within the grantees' partnership networks. NORC's evaluation pairs the grantees' process measures with documentation of campus sexual assault prevention programming and changes to policies related to sexual misconduct in the campus community.

NORC evaluation reports are further constructive in helping OWH determine important technical assistance needs and topics to provide direct support to the CSAPP grantees, and to support OWH in the dissemination of project results.

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