Cambodia Democratic Reforms (CDR) Impact Evaluation

USAID/Cambodia and the DRG Learning team have partnered with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) to evaluate the impact of USAID's Cambodia Political Processes and Reforms (CPPR) program activities. The CPPR is intended to increase political competition and accountability in Cambodia, with particular attention to increasing the participation of women and youth in electoral and political processes. Although there are no government policies activity restricting civic engagement of women and youth, there are still substantial gaps across a number of issue areas.

NORC is conducting a randomized controlled trial focused on two CPPR program activities: (1) a SMS nomination system used for encouraging women to run for commune council election and (2) the combined impact of this SMS system with local civic engagement workshops, called "My Open Commune," implemented by NDI. NORC has been responsible for designing and conducting the impact evaluation for this project and overseeing training and data collection in the field for a sample of 3,600 households. NORC is also responsible for the analysis of the study's data and reporting of the study's results.

This evaluation is ongoing and results will be published in 2018.


Ron Wendt
Principal Research Scientist