Driving Innovation through Data and Analytics

As NORC's innovation hub, NORC Labs collaborates with NORC’s research teams to create and launch cutting-edge data and analytics solutions, and guide the evolution of NORC’s existing services and offerings to meet the future needs of our clients.

Our Approach

NORC Labs’ innovation is client-centered.  Working with NORC’s research teams, we understand client needs, identify market potential, and then develop the most effective solutions.  We offer the unique benefit of start-up speed backed by seven decades of research success. 

Our Solutions

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Job Posting Senior Business Intelligence Engineer More
Posted: 9.15.2016 10:07AM




Job Postings

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer More
Posted: 9.15.2016 10:07AM

Propelling New Ideas

Through our product incubation and internal initiatives like the Idea Lab Awards Program and annual Innovation Days, we help NORC work one step ahead to spot trends, nurture breakthrough ideas, explore state-of-the art technologies, and understand the future potential of products and services.

Ultimately, this enables us to apply new capabilities and solutions to help our clients succeed.

Here are some of the ideas, technologies, and services we are exploring:
  • Natural language processing
  • Custom sensor devices and wearables for data collection
  • Mobile, low cost, and self-service survey tools
  • Modernized ESM data collection
  • Big data health analytics
  • Data de-identification and data security
  • Virtual interviewing
  • Machine learning and predictive modeling/analytics
  • Social media data analysis & blending


Chris Kalb

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Chris Kalb
Senior Vice President

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Executive Vice President of Business Ventures and Innovation

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Director of Product Development and Innovation