Health Media Collaboratory

The Health Media Collaboratory believes in using data to promote health.

The internet and social media have redefined how we encounter, generate and share knowledge. These evolving forms of communication, combined with traditional media, saturate our society with messages that are powerful and complex. While mass marketing can promote unhealthy behavior and contribute to disease, we believe it can be harnessed to positively impact the health behavior of individuals and communities.

We bring together social science researchers, information scientists, and new media specialists to collaborate across and beyond academia.

We develop rigorous, innovative and multidisciplinary methods to study how media impact health. We examine how health information is searched for, engaged with and shared on traditional and new forms of media. We measure the volume and analyze the content of public health campaigns and industry advertising to understand their effects on health. We create our own surveys to understand how individuals use media and how this experience shapes their attitudes, beliefs and behaviors regarding health.

We are committed to sharing what we learn.

We share knowledge with policymakers, the research community and the public so that we all can make informed decisions that protect and promote our health.


The Health Media Collaboratory Team

Sherry Emery

Glen Szczypka
Deputy Director

Yoonsang Kim
Senior Research Scientist

Anna Kostygina
Senior Research Scientist

Eman H. Aly
Director of Communications

Dani Heide
Administrative Director

Steven Binns
Research Scientist

Hy Tran
Data Scientist