Design and Methodology

Rigorous statistical design and an advanced methodological expertise underlie all NORC studies. At the critical early stages, research projects are defined and scoped by highly skilled NORC staff members in collaboration with our clients.

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Making Connections. The Making Connections survey, launched in ten poor urban communities, examines mobility, social capital, neighborhoods, resident participation, economic hardship, the availability and utilization of services, and child and adolescent well-being. More

MCC Impact Evaluation Services in the Republic of Georgia. The Goal of MCC’s Compact with the Government of Georgia is to reduce rural poverty through better economic performance by improving the two main barriers to economic growth: a lack of reliable infrastructure and the slow development of businesses, particularly agribusiness.  More

Methodological Research to Support the Redesign of the National Crime Victimization Survey. desThe National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) collects data on crime victimization in the United States. A nationally representative sample of households participates in this panel survey, where respondents ages 12 and over within the household report on crime incidents that they experienced in the six months prior to the interview. More

School Improvement Status and Outcomes for Students with Disabilities Study (SWD). The focus of the study was on evaluating the effectiveness of improvement efforts in schools that have failed repeatedly to make adequate yearly progress for students with disabilities in particular grades and subjects. More

The Horatio Alger Association’s State of Our Nation's Youth Project. The 2012 State of Our Nation's Youth (SONY) project will collect information that provides a snapshot of attitudes among current high school students and graduates across a range of contemporary issues.  The primary aim of the project is to deepen our understanding of the myriad challenges our nation's youth face as they enter adult life in the current social and economic context.  More

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