Services and Solutions

NORC delivers data and analysis needed to drive evidence-based decisions and improve public policy. We offer expertise in Study Design and Survey Methodology, Statistical Design and Analysis, Data Collection, Program and Policy Analysis and Research, Dissemination and Knowledge Management and Information Technology.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Strategy and Planning

NORC begins each project with a strategic planning phase, and continues to refer to and refine our strategic approach throughout the study or engagement. More


Design and Methodology

Rigorous statistical design and an advanced methodological expertise underlie all NORC studies. At the critical early stages, research projects are defined and scoped by highly skilled NORC staff members in collaboration with our clients. More

Data Collection and Management

NORC experts collect data using multiple platforms and manage data of varying volumes and complexity. From our earliest studies through today, we have created and applied new methods and technologies to collect and manage data. More

Policy Analysis, Program Implementation, and Evaluation

Drawing on a mastery of analytic techniques and a keen knowledge of complex policy and regulatory framework, NORC collaborates with federal agencies, foreign governments, and nonprofit organizations to ensure their programs are efficient and effective. More

Strategic Communications and Dissemination​

NORC brings a nuanced understanding of the entire research lifecycle to the communication and dissemination of data and findings. Communications considerations inform and shape our projects from the earliest stages of design and planning. More


As NORC’s innovation hub, NORC Labs drives the development and launch of cutting-edge client solutions. More