Survey Data Collection

NORC is at the forefront of survey data collection via the web, mobile devices, telephone, mail, and in-person interviews. We survey numerous populations and subpopulations, achieving high response rates that enhance the value of the data.

Representative Projects

2010 Census Integrated Communications Program Evaluation. NORC was selected to conduct a rigorous and independent evaluation of the communications campaign for the 2010 Census to assess the campaign's success and help preparations for the 2020 Census.​​ More

2016 STAR and STAR+PLUS CAHPS Surveys.  More

Benchmark Tracking Survey. The purpose of the 2012 Network for a Healthy California Benchmark Survey is to assess the ongoing effectiveness of select advertising and non-advertising communications that comprise the Network's Champions for Change campaign. The campaign promotes healthy food consumption and access among low-income mothers. More

CollegePoint Virtual Advising Program Evaluation Surveys. ​NORC has been contracted to field up to three surveys beginning in 2016 to inform the evaluation of the CollegePoint Virtual Advising Program. This study is being conducted by America Achieves in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies' CollegePoint Initiative. More

HIV Rapid Testing in the Dental Care Setting.

Conducted on behalf of the University of Miami, this study assesses the relationship among dentists’ attitudes, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control beliefs, and their willingness to offer HIV rapid testing in the dental care system. More

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