AmeriSpeak: NORC's Breakthrough Panel-Based Research Platform

AmeriSpeak® is the first U.S. multi-client household panel to combine the speed and cost-effectiveness of panel surveys with enhanced representativeness of the U.S. population, an approach designed to achieve an industry-leading response rate, and an innovative sample quality report card.

Developed and funded by NORC, AmeriSpeak is the most scientifically rigorous panel solution available in the U.S., giving NORC clients a breakthrough new option for conducting statistical surveys of the population.


Our Premier Opinion-Sharing Community

Through AmeriSpeak, clients can access a representative, probability-based sample of pre-recruited participants who have agreed to take part in regular online and telephone surveys regarding topics such as:
  • Government policies and programs
  • Communications research
  • Health services and policy
  • Economic, political, and social issues
  • Consumer products and services
AmeriSpeak’s initial offering will be a nationally representative panel of 10,000 households across the country, with plans to expand each year. 


What Sets AmeriSpeak Apart

AmeriSpeak is distinctive on three key dimensions of survey quality:
  • Sample Representativeness - AmeriSpeak’s panel is representative of the entire U.S. population because it leverages NORC’s National Frame, the industry leader in sample coverage.  The National Frame uses area probability sampling and includes additional coverage of hard-to-survey population segments such as rural and low-income households that are underrepresented in surveys relying on address-based sampling.
  • Response Rate - Due to the rigor of its panel recruitment, AmeriSpeak surveys are designed to achieve the highest response rate of any multi-client panel solution on the market.  To enhance the representativeness and response rate of the panel, the AmeriSpeak recruitment protocol includes the use of NORC field interviewers for face-to-face recruitment.
  • Sample Quality Report – Through the NORC Card, AmeriSpeak delivers a quantitative measurement of sample quality for clients, providing an objective measure of sample representation.

AmeriSpeak Research Services

The NORC AmeriSpeak team delivers full-service panel solutions, including questionnaire design and usability testing, cognitive interviews, questionnaire programming and hosting of surveys, data collection, statistical weighting and estimation, and reports.  We work closely with our clients in the early concept stage of study development to design custom panel solutions to our clients.  Specific AmeriSpeak research services include:
  • Custom Surveys: Statistical surveys of AmeriSpeak panel households, including general population surveys, studies targeting low-incidence groups, longitudinal surveys, and large sample size surveys and local area studies combining AmeriSpeak sample with non-probability sample. 
  • Omnibus Surveys: AmeriSpeak Omnibus provides clients a monthly vehicle for collecting survey data for your custom survey questions from a representative AmeriSpeak sample of 1,000 adults.
  • Custom Proprietary Panels: New client-owned household panels created and operated by AmeriSpeak.
  • Digital Measurement: AmeriSpeak provides measurement of panelists’ exposure to online advertising campaigns to complement self-report survey data
  • Data Science Services: NORC’s experts provide data services for linking AmeriSpeak custom survey data to geocoded or household-matched administrative and public sector databases.
  • Statistical Consulting: NORC’s statisticians provide full-service consulting in delivering custom solutions for sampling, weighting, estimation, and analysis for AmeriSpeak surveys.
  • Survey Design Consulting: AmeriSpeak’s experts propose sampling and data collection solutions in working with our clients to optimize on cost-effectiveness, data quality, and schedule.  
  • AmeriSpeak Qualitative: AmeriSpeak Qualititative provides online focus groups, town halls, and in-depth interviews.

The NORC Expert Advantage

To provide clients full-service research solutions, NORC’s AmeriSpeak team works closely with NORC experts, such as the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the Academic Research Centers, as well as experts in NORC’s research departments dedicated to economics and social research, criminal justice, education and child development, financial services, and health sciences and public health.

In addition, NORC’s experts in web survey methodology provide clients with consulting on the design of AmeriSpeak survey questionnaires and data collection methodology.

Representative Projects

How Americans Navigate the Modern Information Environment. ​The nationally representative survey, funded by NORC, was conducted from January 14 through January 31, 2016. Data were collected using the AmeriSpeak Panel®, which is NORC’s probability-based panel designed to be representative of the U.S. household population. Panel members were randomly drawn from the AmeriSpeak Panel, and 1,007 completed the survey. Respondents without internet access and those who prefer to complete surveys by phone were interviewed by trained NORC interviewers.  More

The Interpersonal Conflict and Resolution (iCOR) Study. ​​NORC has been awarded a grant from the National Institute of Justice to conduct a study that examines conflict in interpersonal relationships and the overlap between victim and offender statuses. Nearly five decades of research has revealed a strong association between criminal offending and victimization. This 31-month project will investigate the etiology of the victim-offender overlap through the design and application of new measurement tools to understand the nature of interpersonal conflicts including mechanisms that generate conflict escalation.


AmeriSpeak Omnibus is a once a month, multi-client survey using a probability sample of 1,000 adults from the AmeriSpeak panel. It’s a high-quality, cost-effective solution for quick-turnaround surveys. 

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