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"Tracking Question Wording Experiments across Time in the General Social Survey, 1984-2014."
​"Different Anti-Vaping Campaigns Attracting the Same Opponent Community."
"The Effect of a Text Messaging Based HIV Prevention Program on Sexual Minority Male Youths: A National Evaluation of Information, Motivation and Behavioral Skills in a Randomized Controlled Trial of Guy2Guy."
"Perpetration of Adolescent Dating Relationship Abuse: The Role of Conditional Tolerance for Violence and Friendship Factors."
"Improving Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Comparability (3MC) Using the Total Survey Error Paradigm."
"The Impact of Flavour, Device Type and Warning Messages on Youth Preferences for Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems: Evidence from an Online Discrete Choice Experiment."
"Spending per Medicare Beneficiary Is Higher in Hospital-Owned Small- and Medium-Sized Physician Practices."
"Functional Status, Cognition, and Social Relationships in Dyadic Perspective."
"Cognitive Function and Its Risk Factors among Older U.S. Adults Living at Home."
"Design and Operation of the Survey of Pathways to Diagnosis and Services, 2011."
"Summary Statistics from the Survey of Pathways to Diagnosis and Services, 2011."
​"Health Care Utilization among Children with Chronic Conditions in Military Families."
"Prevalence of Pain Diagnoses and Burden of Pain among Active Duty Soldiers, FY2012."
"Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) View It Differently Than Non-LGBT: Exposure to Tobacco-Related Couponing, E-cigarette Advertisements, and Anti-Tobacco Messages on Social and Traditional Media."
"Healthy People for the 21st Century: Understanding Use of Healthy People 2020 as a Web-Based Initiative."
"Romantic Relationship Characteristics and Adolescent Relationship Abuse in a Probability-Based Sample of Youth."
"Calibration Confidence Regions for Asbestos Fibers with Heteroscedasticity and Interlaboratory Variability."
"Testing Selectorate Theory: Local Government Recall Elections and Political Survival Strategies in Peru."
​"Predictors of Postdeployment Prescription Opioid Receipt and Long-Term Prescription Opioid Utilization among Army Active Duty Soldiers."
​"Vaping versus JUULing: How the Extraordinary Growth and Marketing of JUUL Transformed the U.S. Retail E-cigarette Market."
"Crime, Perceived Danger, and Adiposity: The Role of Gender."
​"Dating Relationship Dynamics, Mental Health, and Dating Victimization: A Longitudinal Path Analysis."
​"Assessing Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit of the Trinity Hospital Twin City Fit for Life Program for Weight Loss and Diabetes Prevention in a Rural Midwestern Town."
"A Longitudinal Investigation of Parental Social-Economic Status (SES) and Young Students' Learning of English as a Foreign Language."
"The Relationship between Parents’ Intimate Partner Victimization and Youths’ Adolescent Relationship Abuse."