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"Crime, Perceived Danger, and Adiposity: The Role of Gender."
"Functional Status, Cognition, and Social Relationships in Dyadic Perspective."
"Healthy People for the 21st Century: Understanding Use of Healthy People 2020 as a Web-Based Initiative."
"Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) View It Differently Than Non-LGBT: Exposure to Tobacco-Related Couponing, E-cigarette Advertisements, and Anti-Tobacco Messages on Social and Traditional Media."
"Leveraging Systemic Change: Evaluating What Works."
"Perpetration of Adolescent Dating Relationship Abuse: The Role of Conditional Tolerance for Violence and Friendship Factors."
"Romantic Relationship Characteristics and Adolescent Relationship Abuse in a Probability-Based Sample of Youth."
"Tracking Question Wording Experiments across Time in the General Social Survey, 1984-2014."
​"Behavioral Characteristics and Their Association with Syphilis Seroprevalence among a Cohort of Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men."
​"Dating Relationship Dynamics, Mental Health, and Dating Victimization: A Longitudinal Path Analysis."
​"Examining the Effects of Loneliness on Health Using In-Home Panel Studies with Biomeasures: Benefits, Challenges, and Implications. A Commentary on Das."
​"Financial Behaviors, Couple-Level Conflict, and Adolescent Relationship Abuse: Longitudinal Results from a Nationally Representative Sample."
​"Health Care Utilization and Cost Outcomes of a Comprehensive Dementia Care Program for Medicare Beneficiaries."
​"National Racial/Ethnic and Geographic Disparities in Experiences with Health Care among Adult Medicaid Beneficiaries."
​"Predictors of Postdeployment Prescription Opioid Receipt and Long-Term Prescription Opioid Utilization among Army Active Duty Soldiers."
​"Profiles of Youth In-Person and Online Sexual Harassment Victimization."
​"Regional Rural-Urban Differences in E-Cigarette Use and Reasons for Use in the United States."
​"Vaping versus JUULing: How the Extraordinary Growth and Marketing of JUUL Transformed the U.S. Retail E-cigarette Market."
"Correctional Officer Fatalities in Line of Duty during 2005 to 2015: A Survival Analysis."
"'Who Shared It?': How Americans Decide What News to Trust on Social Media."
"50 Years after Martin Luther King’s Assassination: Assessing Progress of the Civil Rights Movement."
"A Framework for Rigorous Qualitative Research as a Component of Mixed Method Rapid-Cycle Evaluation."
"A Leader’s Guide to Building Instructional Capacity."
"A Longitudinal Investigation of Parental Social-Economic Status (SES) and Young Students' Learning of English as a Foreign Language."
"After the Demonstration: What States Sustained after the End of Federal Grants to Improve Children’s Health Care Quality."