Debra Lord

At NORC since 1999, Debra Lord is the Field Operations Regional Manager who oversees the western part of the U.S. She has managed many large national and longitudinal data collection efforts on issues including community health, education, labor, finance, and early childhood. Debra has successfully led diverse teams collecting data in multiple languages and has experience collecting data from a variety of populations including Medicare recipients, refugees and immigrants, youth, and parents of young children. She is a seasoned Trainer who has written training materials and created forms to enhance field protocols. Debra has managerial experience with projects utilizing multi-mode data collection including field, D-CATI and CAWI. She has an expertise in the use of decentralized VOIP phone systems for data collection and training interviewers in the best practices of this mode. Debra is also skilled in using GIS to enhance the efficiency of field survey staffing and managing data collection efforts.