USDA’s Rural Establishment Innovation Survey (REIS)

​The REIS is a new (released in 2015) comprehensive and nationally representative survey on innovative technologies and practices, demand and use of finance, human resource practices, and other relevant establishment data. The survey includes an oversampling of rural establishments necessary to conduct powerful statistical analyses of rural businesses and their comparison to the U.S. economy. Utilizing the NORC Data Enclave, USDA seeks to build a community of scholars engaged in high priority research on rural business innovation and regional development through the use of the REIS.

As international competition and knowledge intensity in economic activity have increased, innovation in new products, services, and ways of doing business has emerged as a key driver of productivity and growth. USDA’s Rural Establishment Innovation Survey (REIS) provides a new and rich array of data on innovative practices and technologies that will allow researchers to address questions about the ways in which business innovation is happening in rural areas, and its dependence and impact on rural communities and regional economies.

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