Understanding Stakeholder Perception of Biosimilars

The number of biosimilar drugs approved by the FDA has increased in the past five years, yet the United States is just beginning to catch up to other countries around the world, namely European markets, where biosimilars are more widely approved and used. The purpose of this research was to further understand stakeholder perceptions of biosimilars in the US. With grant funding from Arnold Ventures, NORC conducted quantitative and qualitative research on provider, patient, and payer perceptions of biosimilars to understand how stakeholders' actions may affect uptake of biosimilars in the future.

NORC conducted patient and physician surveys, two patient focus groups, and twenty stakeholder interviews with payers and providers as part of this research.

Our research provides data to focus biosimilar policy action around key barriers to broader biosimilar uptake.

  • Additional FDA guidance and real-world data on product outcomes and interchangeability for biosimilars
  • Limit incentives that encourage high list prices and promote more innovative contracting arrangements to benefit both patients and the system at large
  • Increase transparency requirements to both physicians and patients regarding the actual price of the drugs.

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