Assessment of the Rural Access to Emergency Devices (RAED) Program

‚ÄčThe purpose of the Rural Access to Emergency Devices (RAED) Grant Program is to (1) purchase automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that have been approved, or cleared for marketing, by the Food and Drug Administration; (2) provide defibrillator and basic life support training in AED usage through the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, or other nationally recognized training courses; and (3) place the AEDs in rural communities with local organizations. NORC is using a mixed method approach that incorporates qualitative and quantitative data elements. This approach consists of three phases: (1) interviews with a sample of current and former grantees of the RAED program; (2) analysis of data previously collected by ORHP through the Performance Improvement and Measurement System (PIMS) database; and (3) review of current RAED grantee final reports. The goal of this evaluation is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the reach and impact of the RAED grant program to Office of Rural Health Policy.

This project was conducted as part of the Rural Health Outreach Tracking and Evaluation Program.

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