Evaluation of Tribal Health Professions Opportunities Grants (HPOG)

NORC, in partnership with the National Indian Health Board (NIHB) and Red Star Innovations, has designed an evaluation of the Tribal Health Professions Opportunities Grant (HPOG) program. This project, for the Administration for Children and Families (ACF),  will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the design, implementation, and outcomes of five HPOG grants aimed at improving the strength and diversity of the tribal health professional workforce and addressing the significant disparities in health care access experienced by tribal communities. Throughout the project performance period NORC will provide grantees technical assistance to ensure project operations data are consistent and of high quality; gather extensive qualitative data through site visits with grantees; and disseminate project findings in a format that is useful to ACF, grantees, and the larger tribal community.

The key research questions that this study will evaluate are:

1) Have grantees incorporated structures necessary to enhance the health care workforce of the community?

2) Have grantees implemented processes that successfully prepare participants for employment in the tribal health care sector?

3) Is there evidence that participation in the program resulted in successful employment and workforce capacity building outcomes?

Data collection includes in-person interviews with grantee and partner administrative staff, program implementation staff, and local employers; focus groups and in-person interviews with current program participants; and telephone interviews with both participants that completed the program and those that did not.


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