Evaluation of Organ Donation Communication Campaign

To promote awareness of organ donation and increase the number of registered organ donors in the U.S., HRSA DoT conducts outreach to unregistered individuals through a number of pathways. These include advertising through TV, radio, and print Public Service Announcements (PSAs), traffic advertisements. HRSA DoT also conducts digital outreach efforts through its websites (organdonor.gov, and donaciondeorganos.gov) and their corresponding Facebook pages, Facebook advertising, and search engine marketing. NORC conducted a comprehensive evaluation of HRSA DoT’s communication activities over a two-year period.

The evaluation assessed the impacts of HRSA DoT's outreach activities, as well as the value of the activities in terms of providing a return on investment. The evaluation takes all of HRSA DoT’s outreach activities into account to assess the performance of each one individually, as well as their combined achievement toward program goals.

The mixed-method evaluation included a literature review, focus groups, in-depth interviews with the public, and an analysis of digital campaign metrics.

The findings from the evaluation shed light on those outreach activities that provided the best reach and return on investment. These findings will be used to inform future outreach and communication efforts to increase the number of registered organ donors.

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