Emerging Strategies for Building Partnerships with Philanthropies: The Rural Philanthropy Toolkit

Organizations in rural communities are implementing programs to improve community health and well-being. Philanthropies are important partners that can help rural programs achieve their goals. As part of the Rural Health Outreach Tracking and Evaluation project for the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, NORC developed the Rural Philanthropy Toolkit to identify and disseminate emerging practices and resources that can help rural programs to establish partnerships in rural communities. The Rural Philanthropy Toolkit is intended to help rural programs articulate their unique assets to philanthropies, and to support rural communities in developing meaningful and sustainable relationships with philanthropies.

The toolkit describes emerging strategies in three areas:

  1. Preparing for partnerships with philanthropies
  2. Approaching philanthropies
  3. Establishing partnerships with different types of philanthropies

Methods to develop the toolkit included a literature review and telephone interviews with rural program leaders and experts in the field of rural philanthropy.

The Rural Transportation Toolkit is part of a series of Evidence-Based Toolkits developed by the NORC Walsh Center as a strategy to disseminate best practices to rural communities. The NORC Walsh Center has developed toolkits on other rural health topics. The toolkits are housed on the Rural Health Information Hub website.

This project was conducted as part of the Rural Health Outreach Tracking and Evaluation Program.

The Rural Health Information Hub and the NORC Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis presented the Rural Philanthropy Toolkit on a webinar, available at: https://www.ruralhealthinfo.org/webinars/philanthropy-toolkit

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