CollegePoint Virtual Advising Program Evaluation Surveys

NORC was contracted in 2016 to field a series of surveys to inform an evaluation of the CollegePoint Virtual Advising Program. This study is being conducted by America Achieves in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies' CollegePoint Initiative.

The CollegePoint Virtual Advising Program connects low and moderate income students with advisors who help them navigate the complex college application process. These advisors use virtual interaction and communication tools, such as video conferencing and document sharing, to reach students across all 50 states to provide:

  • Credible, personalized guidance about which institutions are a good match
  • Accurate, individualized information about the real costs of leading institutions
  • Models of other students like themselves who have successfully transitioned to top-performing colleges and universities.

To date, NORC has conducted five surveys with CollegePoint advisees from the 2016, 2017, and 2018 high school graduating classes. During summer 2019 NORC will be conducting a new survey with the class of 2019 advisees as well as some additional students from this same graduating class. This survey will collect information on the college application process, their plans for the fall, and their experiences with CollegePoint programs.


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Class of 2019 Student SurveyCollegePoint Class of 2019 Student Survey

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