Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps: Resource Coordination Hub

If you are a Chicago resident impacted by COVID-19 and need help with vaccine scheduling or finding resources, there is help!

If you need help please call: 1-312-746-4835
Support is available 8 AM – 8 PM CT Monday – Saturday and 8 AM – 4 PM CT on Sundays

As part of the City of Chicago’s partnership of organizations working to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, NORC assists with a service to help Chicago residents connect with organizations that provide necessities like food, medication, housing, utility assistance, and COVID-19 vaccination and testing information. Chicago residents can call the hotline and speak with a local representative trained to provide current COVID-19 information and support. Representatives are also trained to identify resource needs and provide tailored referrals linking individuals to local support agencies throughout the city.

In addition, NORC manages the system protocols, procedures, and scripts used by Resource Navigators to connect community members with needed support throughout Chicago. This service supports Chicago residents impacted by the pandemic who are seeking help finding essential support services such as testing, treatment, housing, financial and food assistance. The referrals provided intended to improve the ability of individuals to quarantine, self-isolate and mitigate their spread and potential exposure to COVID-19.

Overview of the Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps
Contact tracing is a procedure used in public health programs across the globe to prevent the spread of communicable disease. In the City of Chicago, the Chicago Department of Public Health (CDPH) has been conducting contact tracing throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and their work continues to be critical to helping slow transmission within local communities.

During the summer of 2020, CDPH contracted with the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership (“the Partnership”) to establish the Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps. NORC along with the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, Malcolm X College, and Sinai Urban Health Institute support the Partnership and CDPH in establishing the Chicago COVID Contact Tracing Corps and the COVID Resource Coordination Hub through a health-equity based model. This includes creating hundreds of new jobs for contact tracers, supervisors, and resource navigators hired directly from Chicago communities of economic hardship.

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