Bottom Line 2019 Follow-up Survey

With support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York, NORC conducted a contemporary follow-up survey to provide further evidence about the effects of the Bottom Line advising and mentoring program. This study was conducted in partnership with Bottom Line and researchers at the University of Virginia and Texas A&M University.

For more than 20 years Bottom Line has been helping students navigate college access and college success pathways. This study sought to better understand their program effects on improving general life outcomes for youth by conducting a follow-up survey in 2019 of the 2015 high school graduation cohort who were originally included in the multi-cohort, randomized controlled trial (RCT) of the Bottom Line college advising program. This cohort was on average 22 years old at the time of the 2019 follow-up survey. Those pursuing bachelor degrees were in their senior year of college or just graduated, but all were at the critical juncture of early adulthood as they embarked on careers, furthered their education, started families, and pursued their life course.

The 2019 Follow-Up to the College Application Process Survey (2019 CAPS) assessed health, psychosocial well-being, career goals, career preparation, financial literacy, attitudes towards educational attainment, and civic engagement of youth who did and did not receive Bottom Line program services. These measures intentionally go beyond traditionally-studied educational outcomes. General life and social measures are critical for both Bottom Line and those that invest in the program to fully understand the impact the program has on improving the overall well-being and life outcomes of youth from low-income backgrounds as they become adults in our American society.

Data collection for 2019 CAPS was conducted from April to July 2019. A de-identified, public-use data set, as well as publications, based on the survey will be released in late 2019 or early 2020.


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