National Former Prisoner Survey

The National Former Prisoner Survey (NFPS) is one of a series of major studies undertaken by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), U.S. Department of Justice, in response to congressional mandates in the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. The National Former Prisoner Survey was conducted by NORC in 2008 and was designed to provide national estimates of sexual violence within prisons. NFPS is unique in the PREA series in that interview were undertaken after prisoners were released from prison and thus victims were removed from the potentially threatening prison environment.  

The NFPS involved the random selection of approximately 300 parole offices nationally using probability-proportional-to-size sampling procedures. Rosters of individuals under active supervision after being released from state prisons were used to randomly select a sample of approximately 33,000 former prisoners nationwide.  After obtaining contact information on all sampled former prisoners, NORC staff contacted respondents to make appointments for interviews which took place at parole offices. 

Interviewers used the computer-assisted personal interview format to obtain background and criminal history information; respondents then used touch-screen technology (TACASI) to respond on laptop computers to more sensitive questions that were pre-recorded and heard through earphones. The TACASI technology provided the privacy and confidentiality needed to address the issues relevant to violence and sexual assault while in prison.    

NORC additionally completed all data weighting activities, prepared final data files, undertook disclosure analysis, and provided BJS with analytical support in preparation for BJS reports on the National Former Prisoner Survey.


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