2013 California Employer Health Benefits Survey

The 2013 California Employer Health Benfits Survey study for the California HealthCare Foundation surveys private employers in California with three or more workers on topics including the cost of health insurance, offer rates, coverage, eligibility, enrollment patterns, premiums, employee cost sharing, prescription drug benefits, wellness programs, health management programs, and employer views on a variety of topics. Employer-sponsored health insurance is the leading source of health insurance coverage in the U.S., so changes in the cost and characteristics of this coverage merit close monitoring. Moreover, the Affordable Care Act has the potential to have significant implications for the employer health insurance market, for smaller firms in particular. The survey is a leading source of information on employer-sponsored health benefits in the state of California, and was among the most widely-read CHCF publications in recent years. 

NORC and its partner National Research LLC will conduct telephone interviews over the spring and summer of 2013 with benefits managers through a representative sample of California businesses with three or more workers.  Results are released through an annual report in December of each year, along with a public use file.

The California Employer Health Benefits Survey is a joint product of the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) and NORC. The study is an annual survey sponsored by the CHCF since 2004, and by other funders dating to 1999. The survey is designed and analyzed by researchers at NORC, and administered by National Research LLC (NR). The survey tracks trends in employer health insurance coverage, the cost of that coverage, and other topical health insurance issues in California. Findings are based on a representative survey of approximately 800 private employers with 3 or more workers, and include a larger number for firms that only indicate whether or not they provide health coverage. Firms surveyed range in size from three employees to very large firms. NORC employees work with CHCF to design the survey and sampling plan, oversee the fielding, prepare a cleaned database with weights and imputations, analyze the results, and to write a report and produce a public use file. NR, a Washington, D.C.-based survey research firm, conducts the telephone interviews with human resource and benefits managers. NR will conduct interviews from April through July of 2013. 

The CHCF employer health benefits survey is one of NORC's best knows and longest-running establishment surveys.

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