NORC At The University Of Chicago Launches Amerispeak – A Breakthrough Panel-Based Research Platform

1/27/2015, Chicago, IL.—NORC at the University of Chicago today announced the launch of AmeriSpeakTM, the first multi-client, panel-based research platform to combine the speed and cost effectiveness of traditional panel surveys with enhanced representativeness of the U.S. population, an approach designed to achieve an industry-leading response rate, and an innovative sample quality report card. AmeriSpeak enables NORC clients to conduct research with a representative community, or panel, of pre-recruited participants who have agreed to take part in regular online and telephone surveys on government policies, social and political issues, new consumer products and services, and other topics.

“For the past 74 years, NORC has pioneered innovations in the research field. AmeriSpeak furthers this tradition by revolutionizing panel-based surveys,” said Dan Gaylin, president of NORC at the University of Chicago. “With the launch of AmeriSpeak, we are providing our clients a highly cost-effective and efficient survey solution that is simultaneously the most scientifically rigorous web panel available in the U.S. market, bringing the power of the internet to bear on our research without sacrificing the quality for which NORC is known.”

AmeriSpeak is distinctive on three key dimensions of survey quality:

  • Sample Representativeness – AmeriSpeak’s panel is representative of the entire U.S. population because it leverages NORC’s National Frame, the industry leader in sample coverage. The National Frame uses area probability sampling and includes additional coverage of hard-to-survey population segments such as rural and low-income households that are underrepresented in surveys relying on address-based sampling.
  • Response Rate – Due to the rigor of its panel recruitment, AmeriSpeak surveys are designed to achieve the highest response rate of any multi-client panel solution on the market. To enhance the representativeness and response rate of the panel, the AmeriSpeak recruitment protocol includes the use of NORC field interviewers for face-to-face recruitment.
  • Sample Quality Report – Through the NORC Card, AmeriSpeak delivers a quantitative measurement of sample quality for clients, providing an objective measure of sample representation.

As a probability-based panel, AmeriSpeak is designed to be a nationally representative panel of U.S. teens and adults. Its initial offering will be a general population adult panel of 10,000 households across the country, with plans to expand in later years. Future plans also include the development of custom online panels that can include specific population samples such as military veterans, low-income households, or Spanish speakers.
AmeriSpeak is currently responding to requests for proposals and will start fielding surveys for clients later this spring.

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