The 16th Annual Federal CASIC Workshops

The U.S Census Bureau is hosting the 16th Annual Federal CASIC (computer assisted survey information collection) Workshops from March 27 to March 29, 2012 at the Bureau of Labor Statistics Conference Center in Washington D.C.

The workshops will focus on a variety of topics related to CASIC work in the Federal sector, such as paradata, metadata, management, mobility, respondents, and much more.

NORC experts are participating in several FedCASIC Workshops including:
- “Recent Mobile Apps from NORC” with Josh Seeger, Ph.D.
- “NORC’s Mobile Case Management and Data Collection Application” with Ali Aga
- “Going Mobile: Ensuring Security of New Data Collection” with Diana Salazar
- “Moving Towards Convergence: the National Immunization Survey (NIS) and Immunization"
- "Information Systems (IIS)” with Vick Pineau  

The workshops are open to representatives from Federal agencies and contractors that use CASIC methods. There is no fee for attendance.

Learn more about the 2012 FEDCasic Workshops at the Census Bureau site.

View the FEDCasic program.