Single and Multi-Mode Surveys Using Address-Based Sampling

NORC's Colm O'Muircheartaigh will be presenting an AAPOR Webinar, "Single and Multi-Mode Surveys Using Address-Based Sampling," on June 7.

The webinar will present an overview of address-based sampling (ABS) for survey design within its historical context. Emphasis will be given to the typical and specialized challenges encountered in ABS surveys in real-world situations.

The course will present the following themes:
• historical context with traditional listing and random-digit dial surveys;
• an introduction to address-databases including the United States Postal Service delivery sequence file (DSF) and its vendors;
• the importance of geographic information systems (GIS) and geocoding; the coverage properties of lists;
• costs and benefits of enhancing commercial databases;
• examples of ABS and the DSF in survey research including NORC studies such as Making Connections as well as the American Community Survey; and
• challenges of ABS including rural areas, invisible boundaries for local area samples, telephone matching, drop points, community samples, and targeted minority samples.

To learn more, or register, visit the AAPOR site.