New Opportunities, Old Barriers?

Eszter Hargittai, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Faculty Associate of the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University, will be preseting "New Opportunities, Old Barriers? Variation in Online Creative Expression" on Tuesday, April 24.

Recent developments have made it increasingly possible for people to make available their creative output to a worldwide audience. No longer must one have large budgets to finance production and the necessary influence to get past gatekeepers when attempting to share one's opinion beyond one's immediate social circles. While eyeballs for viewership are not guaranteed, the prospect of reaching large audiences is more within the realm of possibilities than in earlier times. Does the availability of such opportunities lead to widespread participation? This presentation draws on unique longitudinal data about a diverse group of young adults' online activities to examine the prevalence of content creation and sharing in the digital age.

This presentation is part of the Cultural Policy Center, and will be held at the Harris School of Public Policy Studies. For more information about the presentation, or the Cultural Policy Center, visit their site.