AAPOR’s 68th Annual Conference

From May 16 to 19, 2013, the American Association for Public Opinion Research will be hosting their 68th Annual Conference in Boston, Massachuesetts at the Seaport Boston Hotel & Seaport World Trade Center. This year’s theme is “Asking Critical Questions: Towards a Sustainable Future for Public Opinion and Social Research.”
Public opinion and survey researchers are operating in a time of considerable challenge and change.  Securing respondent cooperation from an increasingly wary population has never been more difficult, and costs to produce comparable amounts of data have risen over time. Ensuring a sustainable future for public opinion and social research will require both continued innovation in traditional survey methods, and increased consideration of what emerging approaches do and do not contribute to our field.
NORC experts will be participating in sessions and making presentations throughout the duration of the conference. Stop by booth #200 and learn what’s new at NORC. A number of
NORC staff and researchers will be in Boston chairing, organizing, presenting and participating in sessions.
NORC will be at the AAPOR Speed Networking sessions on Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th.

For a complete list of NORC presenters and posters click here.

To register and learn more about the conference, visit the AAPOR Conference website
NORC is a platinum sponsor of AAPOR’s 2012 conference.