AAPOR 2018

The American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) will hold its 73rd Annual Conference May 16-19 in Denver, Colorado. NORC staff will exhibit, teach, and present extensively at the event under the conference theme Taking Survey and Public Opinion Research to New Heights!

AAPOR 2018 promises to immerse attendees in the latest trends, innovations and research in the field through hundreds of papers and presentations. Presentations will address current and complex topics in survey research methodology.

Highlights of NORC's Work at AAPOR

NORC experts, staff, and researchers will be in attendance at AAPOR 2018 chairing, organizing, presenting, and participating in sessions throughout the event. Here are just a few highlights of our work that will be featured at the conference. Download the NORC AAPOR program for a comprehensive list of our staff's activities during the conference.

  • Data Visualization for Survey Research: From Data Collection through Budgets and Production, to Reports and Presentations (Short Course)
  • Improving Cross-National/Cultural Comparability Using the Total Survey Error Paradigm
  • Challenges of Sampling Racial and Ethnic Minorities and Non-English Speakers in the United States (AmeriSpeak)
  • The Financial Determinants of Awareness of Elder Financial Exploitation
  • Social Media Recruitment for Adolescent Sexual Minority Males and Transgender Youth: A Pilot Study
  • American Health Values Typology: Deeper Exploration to Understand Drivers and Typologies
  • Quality Frameworks for Statistics Using Multiple Data Sources
  • Information, Knowledge, and Motivation: Reasons for Participation
  • Machine Learning to Extract Information from Digital Photographs: Applications in Tobacco Research
  • Social Connectedness and Survey Response in the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project (NSHAP)
  • How to Get Media Attention for Your Research
  • NORC, the University of Denver, and the Birth of AAPOR, 1946
  • The Impact of Social Desirability When Measuring Vote Preference
  • Sports and Politics: What Americans Think About the National Anthem at Sporting Events

For more information about the conference, visit: https://www.aapor.org/Conference-Events/Annual-Meeting.aspxextlink

NORC at AAPOR 2018

Stop by Booth #410 to meet NORC staff, learn more about our work, and enter the AmeriSpeak "Free Data" giveaway.

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