Ritu Nayyar-Stone

Ritu Nayyar-Stone is Principal Research Scientist with NORC's International Projects department. With over 20 years of experience as an economist, Nayyar-Stone brings proven abilities in program and performance evaluation, large-scale survey design and analysis, monitoring and evaluation to improve service delivery, policy analysis, as well as decentralization, municipal finance and budgeting. 

Nayyar-Stone is currently conducting a performance evaluation of a 5 year program strengthening the capacity of 14 policy research organizations in Asia, Africa and Latin America to improve public expenditure accountability. She is also assisting with the evaluation of the Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project in the Republic of Georgia. Previously, she has has advised the governments of Cambodia and Egypt in establishing a national monitoring and evaluation system/local development observatory to measure the impact of devolution and decentralization on improving services; and worked on implementing budget reform and program budgets in Hungary, Georgia, India aand Pakistan. She has prepared guidelines for the World Bank, UN-Habitat, and UNDP and trained government officials on implementing performance management to improve local service delivery. Nayyar-Stone has undertaken numerous baseline assessments and evaluations of local governments and supervised and analyzed citizen surveys and report cards on public services and access to information to improve governance.

Prior to joining NORC, she was Senior Research Associate at the International Development and Governance center at the Urban Institute (UI), where she advised and worked with government officials and local nonprofit organization in Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East for nearly 18 years. She has worked as a consultant at the World Bank, focusing on intergovernmental fiscal relations in Russia, and fiscal decentralization in the transition economies of Eastern Europe, China and Vietnam. She was data analyst for the Economic of Aging Project at the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Ma