Heather Britt

Heather Britt is a principal research scientist working across the Health Care Evaluation and International Programs departments at NORC.

She has more than 20 years of experience in evaluation, technical assistance, capacity building and project management in international development. Britt is a leader in the development and implementation of innovative solutions to M&E challenges. Her special interests include complexity-aware M&E approaches that inform the adaptive management of uncertain, emergent, contested, and dynamic aspects of programming. She authored USAID’s Complexity-Aware Monitoring Discussion Note, co-authored method briefs on Outcome Harvesting and Causal Link Monitoring, and papers on innovative solutions to M&E challenges. Britt’s experience includes building organizational monitoring, evaluation, and learning capacity. She has shepherded organizational change from pilots to strengthened organizational processes, practices, and policies.

Most recently, Heather worked as an institutional contractor with USAID, building the capacity of the Agency and its implementing partners to commission, manage, conduct, and learn from innovative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) approaches. Previously, she was based in the Middle East for twelve years, where she worked with a wide variety of organizations, including international NGOs, foundations, intergovernmental and community-based organizations.

She’s an active member of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). As co-chair of the AEA Systems in Evaluation, she led a collaborative process to define core principles for systems-informed evaluation. Heather is a sectoral generalist but in recent years has worked in the areas of countering violent extremism, locally-led development, and gender.