Debra Coaxum

Debra Coaxum is a vice president in the Economics, Justice, and Society department at NORC at the University of Chicago. Coaxum provides management experience, technical expertise, and her broad and diverse perspective to the department.

Prior to joining NORC, Coaxum served as a senior executive at the Energy Information Administration (EIA) where she was the director of the office of Survey Operations. In this role she was responsible for leading strategic centralization of survey operations for several of EIA's energy surveys. Coaxum led the design, development, and implementation of the standard business process to centralize the collection and processing of several of EIA's surveys. She led a team successfully executing a variety of activities including survey frame management, respondent outreach, non-response follow-up, and data processing. Previously at EIA, Coaxum served as the director of the Office of Oil, Gas & Coal Supply Statistics where she directed a survey program that measured domestic crude oil and natural gas production and proved reserves. Throughout her tenure at EIA, Coaxum played a leading role in transitioning the existing legacy IT systems used to collect, process, and analyze energy survey data to a new IT platform designed to support standardized survey processes.

Prior to joining EIA, Coaxum worked at the Census Bureau for nearly 15 years leading various statistical projects geared toward improving the usefulness, timeliness, and quality of the Foreign Trade Statistics program. She also led the effort to re-engineer the directory survey for the 2012 Census of Governments and to develop the Governments Master Address File, which was designed to house the sampling frames for approximately 30 surveys conducted, at that time, within the Governments Division.