Cheol-Sung Lee

​​Cheol-Sung Lee is a Senior Fellow in the Academic Research Center, NORC at the University of Chicago. Lee is an expert in development, inequality, and stratification, and comparative welfare states and labor studies. He explores how leaders of labor and civic organizations in developing societies mobilize and institutionalize divergent repertoires of social solidarity regarding social policy agendas. He further studies how organizational leaders channel those policy agendas into state institutions through the politics of threat and persuasion. He develops a society-based explanatory model of the welfare state, in which labor-civic solidarity and union-party alliance jointly account for outcomes of welfare state retrenchment as well as welfare state expansion.

Before joining NORC, Lee served as Assistant to Associate Professor (tenured) in the sociology department at the University of Chicago. Several of Lee's articles have been awarded ASA Outstanding Article awards, including Outstanding Article Award in 2013 ASA in Sociology Development Section and Honorable Mentions in 2013 ASA Political Sociology and Labor and Labor Movements Sections, and Outstanding Article Award in 2012 ASA Inequality, Mobility, and Poverty Session.