Carlos Fierros III

Carlos Fierros is a senior research director in the International Programs department at NORC, where he supports both the managerial and technical sides of research. On the technical side he focus on designing and managing quantitative and qualitative data collections and translating the resulting data into findings for key stakeholders.

Fierros is currently supporting the management of the five-year Democracy, Human Rights, and Governance (DRG) Learning, Evaluation, and Research II activity, which is a follow on the DRG-LER I activity that NORC has implemented since 2013. In addition, he provides project management and technical support on projects in INPRO's vulnerable populations and education portfolios.

He worked for NORC for more than five years before venturing into the world of international development implementation. After a stint in the implementation world he rejoined NORC to focus on international development research and learning.

Fierros worked on the endline evaluation of USAID's flagship early-grade literacy project, Tusome, in Kenya. Tusome was among USAID's first experiences partnering with a host-government to take a piloted literacy program to national sale, and as such, the evaluation offered an important nd timely case study for translating USAID-funded pilot programs into large-scale national education reforms.