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Bernard Dugoni is a Senior Research Methodologist in NORC’s department of Statistics and Methodology.  He is an expert in statistical analysis and in survey techniques including questionnaire design, cognitive interviewing, and focus groups.  He is currently project director for four studies, including three projects for the Department of Labor and one for a private financial consulting firm.

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Bernard Dugoni is a Senior Research Methodologist in NORC’s department of Statistics and Methodology. He received his training in the Psychological Sciences and the Statistics departments of Purdue University and he taught statistics at Loyola University of Chicago for over 8 years.

Since joining NORC in 1994, Dugoni has conducted statistical data analysis in support of numerous education studies as well as projects conducted for the Department of Labor/OSHA.  He has also done disclosure reviews and prepared public data releases for numerous projects, including the disclosure review for two rounds of the China Health and Family Life Study and four data releases for the Making Connections study. In 2007, he led an effort in Namibia to anonymize several datasets collected by the Namibian government and to train local staff in the techniques used for assessing and dealing with disclosure risk. He currently manages three projects including evaluations of record-keeping accuracy for the Department of Labor. He has also conducted and trained others to conduct cognitive interviews and focus groups using cognitive psychological approaches to information processing to aid in the development of survey questions.

Dugoni is an industrial and cognitive psychologist and statistician, with a special interest in the effects of individual characteristics on labor issues and in society as a whole. He has taught advanced statistics at DePaul University and for eight years he taught the graduate sequence in advanced statistics, multivariate analysis, research methodology, and cognitive psychology at Loyola University of Chicago.

Dugoni has published in many peer-reviewed journals and books and presents the results of his research widely, both nationally and internationally. Dugoni is a Fellow of the Midwestern Psychological Association and serves as its historian.

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